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Pups & Pinot

Saturday, April 14th we had the opportunity to donate our photography services to the Pups & Pinot event. It was for a great cause benefiting the Lucida Puppy Fund, a fund that helps to pay for veterinary costs for puppies under six months old available for adoption. For only $30 per person we enjoyed endless appetizers, a lia sophia necklace or pair of earrings, wine and countless puppy kisses!

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Barking For Brews

Last Sunday, April 22nd Chicago Pet Video offered our services at a Revolution Brewing event in Logan Square. “Barking For Brews” was a wonderful beer-tasting benefit hosted by Midwest Rescue of Illinois. Over 50 people ordered tickets in advance and we had many others that showed up throughout the night as well.  One ticket for $40.00 included two hours of unlimited beer (5 microbrews) plus appetizers (including pulled pork, sweet potato cakes and applewood smoked wings). All proceeds went to helping and providing a positive and safe environment for dogs in need.

Chicago Pet Video’s, Andrew and Brianne, MC’ed the event while showing pictures and telling stories about two pitbulls who have been adopted and placed in loving homes, Henney and Reggie, as well as two other pitbulls who are still looking for homes, Leo and Tank.

There was a 50/50 raffle that got up to nearly $400, along with some great raffle prizes that included a manicure, a JC Penney gift card, gift card for Pupparazzi dog spa, a doggy gift basket and a one hour video session with Chicago Pet Video. Overall, fun event, great turnout and all for a good cause!

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Easter Celebration… Dog Style

With the help of the lovely weather we had last weekend here in Chicago, Saturday’s Doggy Egg Hunt at Logan Square Park was by far one of most fun-filled afternoons I’ve had with my furry friends in awhile! There were anywhere from 30-40 dogs in attendance with both owners and plenty of children at their sides. The day started off with some quick sniffing between noses and butts (aka introductions) as we were anxiously waiting for more of our four-legged friends to arrive. You would never believe it but over 2,000 toys and treats had been spread out around the park, all for us! 2,000 split 40 ways – we got our fair share of pre-Easter Brunch for the day, trust me!

Upon stuffing our salivating mouths on the egg hunt we continued on to the Doggy Egg Race – which was hilarious for us dogs. We had a blast with our owners on this one – tugging them here and there at the end of the leashes – while at the same time watching them weave in and out of cones, concentrating so intently on keeping that egg on their silver spoon until the finish line. What a joke! As for us pups, we enjoyed the high energy activity and cheering from the bystanders in the crowd – half the time we didn’t even know if our owners had dropped the egg 10 feet back or not.

And the fun didn’t end there – Musical Hoops was set up next – essentially just musical chairs where we had to sit still within a hoop once the music stopped. Competition was a little tough for this one especially since we were still hyped up from the previous Egg Race. Separate from all the events there was an agility course set up towards the end of the field were we could play freely with the other dogs and show off some personal skills of our own (high jumps, speed & wrestling… that sort of thing).

Overall the day was wonderful, the event was a great turnout and it was amazing to see how much our owners care about us to take the time out of their Saturday so we could enjoy some quality time with our energetic friends. Logan Square Dog Park has a temporary sign hanging that says “Future Home of Logan Square Dog Park” – soon that’ll be permanent and it’ll be a wonderful, safe place for 4-legged buds like us to hang out after a long day of waiting for our owners to return home from work. Can’t wait until next time!

Winks & Wags,

– Murray

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Red Door’s K-9 Egg-Stravaganza

Years and years go by where we watch our loyal owner’s children search aimlessly around our homes for plastic eggs full of chocolate and candy (it’s almost painful to watch considering we’ve already sniffed them out to their exact locations prior to them even starting the hunt!). Well last weekend over 50 of my four-legged friends had an egg-citing opportunity to participate in a Doggie Egg Hunt of their own, put on by Red Door Animal Shelter and sponsored by  Dog Obedience Group and Rex’s Place. What took our owners so long to realize that this is something we’d love to partake in, an event where the eggs are potentially full of chocolate… I mean bacon-bites?


Like any egg hunt – children or dogs – we were able to keep all the eggs we ‘sniffed’ out over the course and the better our noses (aka the more we found) the better the prizes were in the end. Everything from more dog treats to dog toys and even coupons and gift certificates for our owners, imagine that!

At the end we even got to hop up on the Easter Bunny’s lap for a picture. Red Door hopes to make this an annual event, as do I – such a fun get together for my friends and me! All the proceeds and money went directly to some of my other favorite furry friends, the homeless rabbits at Red Door Animal Shelter.

Winks & Wags,


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