Red Door’s K-9 Egg-Stravaganza

Years and years go by where we watch our loyal owner’s children search aimlessly around our homes for plastic eggs full of chocolate and candy (it’s almost painful to watch considering we’ve already sniffed them out to their exact locations prior to them even starting the hunt!). Well last weekend over 50 of my four-legged friends had an egg-citing opportunity to participate in a Doggie Egg Hunt of their own, put on by Red Door Animal Shelter and sponsored by  Dog Obedience Group and Rex’s Place. What took our owners so long to realize that this is something we’d love to partake in, an event where the eggs are potentially full of chocolate… I mean bacon-bites?


Like any egg hunt – children or dogs – we were able to keep all the eggs we ‘sniffed’ out over the course and the better our noses (aka the more we found) the better the prizes were in the end. Everything from more dog treats to dog toys and even coupons and gift certificates for our owners, imagine that!

At the end we even got to hop up on the Easter Bunny’s lap for a picture. Red Door hopes to make this an annual event, as do I – such a fun get together for my friends and me! All the proceeds and money went directly to some of my other favorite furry friends, the homeless rabbits at Red Door Animal Shelter.

Winks & Wags,


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