Pets Are Like Family

The last weekend in April, Chicago Pet Video sponsored Pets Are Like Family’s, Pet Care 101, the 1st event in a series of monthly community workshops for pet owners. The day was incredibly informational thanks to numerous pet professionals and all the attendees who were buzzing with questions for the panel of experts. Topics such as pet safety and laws, dog behavior and training, veterinary tips, cat behavior as well as the feline overpopulation of Chicago were all touched on.

A child’s play area with attendants was set up in the back of the room so that parents were able to stay focused on the speakers and conversation at hand. At the end of the night people had a wonderful opportunity to talk and interact with the experts and others one on one.

Pets Are Like Family will continue to present these monthly community workshops on Chicago’s northwest side in order to help prospective, new and ongoing pet parents get the information and assistance they need to be loving, responsible pet guardians. So for those of you thinking about getting a pet, or perhaps you just got one and are interested in learning more about them, these work shops will continue to be extremely informative and beneficial to creating the perfect, relationship with you, your family and your new loved one. The next Pet Care 101 workshop is Saturday, June 16th at 10am – check in on their site for location confirmation.

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