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Dogs Enjoy their TV Time Too

If you own a dog, then you’ve probably caught your pup peering at the TV screen multiple times. We sometimes like to imagine they are following the interesting storyline of Murder She Wrote or rooting for Chuck Norris to kick the bad guys’ butts but in reality, dogs don’t see TV the way we do.  Because we have different eyes, dogs can’t distinguish what the objects on the screen are.  They just see light against dark or dark against light.

Another reason dogs “watch” TV is because they are interested in the sound that’s emitted from them.  Dogs are great at targeting where sounds are coming from so it makes sense they tune into the tube.  You may wonder why your dog doesn’t bark back to the dog barking on TV.  Oddly enough there is a difference between how a dog sounds on TV and a dog in real life. Your dog can easily detect this which is why they tend to ignore the ‘TV bark.’

Don’t be discouraged if you think the TV is just a waste of time for your dog.  Many people find that leaving the TV on for their dogs when they leave keeps the dogs calm when they’re gone.  This strategy may save you several chewed-up couch cushions…

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What Makes Your Business Exceptional?

We are a FINALIST in the City Treasurer’s Contest: “What Makes Your Business Exceptional?”

We had to create an innovative, creative, professional and successful business video showcasing the highlights of our Chicago Pet Photo & Video business. After becoming a finalist we are just a few steps closer to winning the $5000 first prize, $2500 second prize or the $1000 third prize. Check out what we put together and where the idea for the business stemmed from — the rescue of the beloved Murray.

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Pup Fest 2012

Chicago Pet Photo & Video had a blast supporting our Rescue friends at Pup Fest 2012. What is PupFest you ask? It’s a special ‘fest within a fest’ or a component of the popular West Fest. Attendees were able to bring their pups and for a small donation receive doggy tattoos, participate in an agility course, as well as other goodies, AND receive a complimentary sitting in the portrait studio hosted by us at Chicago Pet Photo.

Although the weather was almost too hot to bear, the dogs had so much fun splashing in the water and many owners opted to also participate in the dog wash (for an additional small fee). The clean freshly-bathed pups looked adorable posing for their pictures. Our team had an interesting time staying busy while using treats and fun sounds to get their attention.

Unfortunately our lovely Murray didn’t get to make it out to this event, he’s still recovering from a mild paw injury (a small abrasion received while playing got a little infection) 😦 However he enjoyed the goodies his owners Alex and Andrea brought home for him. Check out some of the lovely faces we captured below:

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Buzz at the Beach

Check out a recent video we did of Buzz, a sheltie mix, as he’s cooling off in the lake at the dog-friendly Montrose Beach.


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Puppy Inspired Desserts

With Murphy being part Bichon, these cupcakes immediately caught my eye! I searched all over Google and unfortunately can’t find the recipe for them. I suppose if you’re a pastry chef you could probably make something up as you went along – but for those like me, we’ll just have to wait until someone bakes them for us.

Looking more into cute puppy related desserts I came across these Puppy Dog Cupcakes on a blog post, but once again no recipe was provided. From the looks of it they seem pretty simple; nutter butter cookies, vanilla wafers, chocolate frosting and M&M’s, am I right?

And I’m obsessed with these Chocolate Lab Cupcakes, and these ones happen to have a recipe back on the blog. Too bad none of these cupcakes are edible for dogs themselves, but I thought they were just too cute not to share with all of our pet lovers. Do you have any favorite desserts you want to share? Feel free to post below in the comments, we’d love to see them!

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