Dogs Enjoy their TV Time Too

If you own a dog, then you’ve probably caught your pup peering at the TV screen multiple times. We sometimes like to imagine they are following the interesting storyline of Murder She Wrote or rooting for Chuck Norris to kick the bad guys’ butts but in reality, dogs don’t see TV the way we do.  Because we have different eyes, dogs can’t distinguish what the objects on the screen are.  They just see light against dark or dark against light.

Another reason dogs “watch” TV is because they are interested in the sound that’s emitted from them.  Dogs are great at targeting where sounds are coming from so it makes sense they tune into the tube.  You may wonder why your dog doesn’t bark back to the dog barking on TV.  Oddly enough there is a difference between how a dog sounds on TV and a dog in real life. Your dog can easily detect this which is why they tend to ignore the ‘TV bark.’

Don’t be discouraged if you think the TV is just a waste of time for your dog.  Many people find that leaving the TV on for their dogs when they leave keeps the dogs calm when they’re gone.  This strategy may save you several chewed-up couch cushions…

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