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A Lovely Day for Peaches

Congratulations to Chicago Pet Fashion Star contest winner, Peaches! This lovely lady had just enough ‘Diva’ in her to be declared the winner and win a free photo shoot with Swarovski this past Saturday afternoon modeling a “Signature” piece. You may also be happy to know that this beautiful 12 year old girl is available for adoption. Here’s a tid-bit of information from her foster mom:

As you may have guessed I love the Pekingese breed. Ever since my first foster dog – a sickly little black Pekingese named “little man” – I have been in love. I foster dogs for any rescue willing to pull a Peke from a shelter in my area. Most often through Peke N Chin Midwest, based in MN. However, sometimes they don’t have space or have too many older dogs and can’t take one that I’m interested in rescuing. That is what happened with Peaches. So I was on my own with this rescue.

Being well networked with other rescues and people who volunteer or transport dogs for rescues, I was able to find someone to not only get her out but transport her to me in Chicago from a shelter in Springfield, Illinois.

She had been given up by her owner at 12 years of age. At her age and with her cataract, the shelter would not have been able to easily find her a new owner and would have had to euthanize her.

 So she came to my home. I quickly realized that she was a feisty little girl. She does not like other dogs and will bark and chase my cats, but also very sweet loving and cuddly with me and my children.

 It’s more difficult to adopt out a black dog especially an older one with cataracts and some socialization issues. She will always be safe and loved in my home, but I would love to see her in home with no other pets and where she could spend all day with her owner being loved,
petted and spoiled.

Well I think it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed with her… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be either, especially with a face like this: 

Interested in taking Peaches home and making her a part of your family? Please contact or for an online application visit Alive Rescue has agreed to do the paperwork and necessary safety checks while her adoption fee of $150 will go to back to Alive Rescue.

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Meet Sarah Argue & her Favorite Girl, Zoey

Introducing Sarah Argue, Chicago Pet Photo & Video’s Social Media Coordinator
Sarah’s love for pets stems from the ripe young age of 4 when she got her first pony (it wasn’t that perfect, pretty little white one with a long flowy mane or tail either – but it was a pony). Dogs, cats, a rabbit and 4 more horses added to that herd throughout the course of her life. Don’t ask how she went from living on 10 luscious, green acres of land in Pure Michigan to an apartment with no animals and just a patch of grass 5 feet from her doorstep, but she did. Fortunately, working with Chicago Pet Video has given her the opportunity to continue showing the love and passion she has for her four-legged friends.

Pet’s name and age: Zoey, 5

Breed: The prettiest mutt you ever did see! Thinking a Collie or Sheltie mix of some sort?

Three words to describe your pet: Whiner, lover, snuggler

What stood out to you when picking them from the liter? Or if you rescued, why them among the rest? I rescued Zoey when she was around 2 years old. I had originally adopted a pitbull mix – that ended up turning a bit sour. I unfortunately had to take him back to ASPCA but shortly after, my eyes landed on little Miss Pretty aka Zoey. As disheveled as she looked, there was a softness in her eye that immediately caught my attention. As soon as I put my fingers inside her crate to pet her she literally reached out with her own paw and clutched my hand. Just when I thought that was love at first sight, we took her out for a walk and within 2 minutes she was on the ground, rolled over, belly in the air, just waiting for a belly rub – which she’s infamous for now.

Most unique trait: Best listener (in the midst of a squirrel chase halfway across the yard, she stops and turns around on a dime at the yell of her name)

Ideal day: If Zoey had her way every day (which she does) she’d spend it out chasing bunnies and rodents in the fields at my mom’s house and then end it cuddled up next to me on my pillow, ready for bed.

Biggest guilty pleasure: A good belly rub, until she falls asleep.

Worst habit: Rolling and eating in our horse’s poop. Every day.

Best trick: Zoey doesn’t do tricks, never has never will.

Favorite outfit: Her Michigan State Bandana.

All time favorite thing about your pet: Her endless love for me, she never leaves my side.

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Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Why do dogs yawn? Have you ever found it a little disheartening when you see your dog yawn?  Maybe you’re about to take your pet on an exhilarating walk, but then you see him or her yawn.  You think, “Oh, I’m sorry.  Am I BORING you by taking you on a walk?  Must I remind you that it’s one of your favorite things to do?”

The truth of the matter is, all mammals yawn to increase oxygen flow to the brain and increase heart rate.  Several dogs that compete can be seen yawning at the starting line, but it is ultimately to increase their ability, not because they are bored or uninterested in the event.

Yawning prepares dogs for several situations, including stressful ones.  If you see your dog yawning, take note of the stimuli around it to figure out if it’s being stressed out.  Maybe your aunt is visiting from out of town and your dog has never met her.  If the dog yawns, it could be a sign that he or she is uncomfortable or stressed out that there is a stranger in the home.

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“Chicago Pet Fashion Star” Contest

The annual Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival presented by Mastercard, the country’s only shopping festival of its kind, will return this weekend, August 24th and extend through September 6th for a can’t miss celebration. This coming weekend’s highlights include the “Pamper Your Pooch” portion of the festival. Lots of great events to look forward to, check it out:

Argent Restaurant & Raw Bar Doggie Brunch660 N. State St.

Saturday from 10:30AM – 3PM, savor a seasonal brunch on Argent’s outdoor patio with $5 mimosas and a chef’s selection of dog treats and a doggie bag for your pooch. RSVP at 312-202-6050.

Complimentary Photo Session: Priceless Lounge, The Shops at North Bridege: 520 N. Michigan Ave.

Saturday from 1:00pm-4pm, Chicago Pet Photo awaits for you and your pet to strike a pose. Pets are welcome in their fashion best or can dress up with items from on-site fashion trunk. The session is complimentary but prints are available for purchase! Swarovski will also be on-hand to answer any questions and provide smaller pieces of accessories for pets to model in their fashion photo.

One lucky Facebook Contest Winner will also have their photo shoot wearing a luxury signature Swarovski piece. Submissions for entry can be posted online to Chicago Pet Photo & Video’s Facebook page. Andrea Fischetti, Chicago Pet Video owner, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drape your fashionable pet in the luxurious crystals they were always meant to wear and receive the pictures to show for it!” It will surely be a memorable afternoon with fashion, photos, luxury jewelry, and lots of FUN!

Pet-Friendly Overnight Stays: The Magnificent Mile District

Gourmet treats, plush dog beds, pet massages and more… Book an overnight getaway with your pet on Saturday night at one of our many pet-friendly hotels.

Mercury Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline’s Canine CruiseRiverwalk at SE corner of Wacker Drive & Michigan

On Sunday at 10:00am, enjoy the cool breeze in your hair (and fur!) with a 90-minute River and Lake cruise with yourpooch. Tickets go on sale day-of at box office.

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