A Lovely Day for Peaches

Congratulations to Chicago Pet Fashion Star contest winner, Peaches! This lovely lady had just enough ‘Diva’ in her to be declared the winner and win a free photo shoot with Swarovski this past Saturday afternoon modeling a “Signature” piece. You may also be happy to know that this beautiful 12 year old girl is available for adoption. Here’s a tid-bit of information from her foster mom:

As you may have guessed I love the Pekingese breed. Ever since my first foster dog – a sickly little black Pekingese named “little man” – I have been in love. I foster dogs for any rescue willing to pull a Peke from a shelter in my area. Most often through Peke N Chin Midwest, based in MN. However, sometimes they don’t have space or have too many older dogs and can’t take one that I’m interested in rescuing. That is what happened with Peaches. So I was on my own with this rescue.

Being well networked with other rescues and people who volunteer or transport dogs for rescues, I was able to find someone to not only get her out but transport her to me in Chicago from a shelter in Springfield, Illinois.

She had been given up by her owner at 12 years of age. At her age and with her cataract, the shelter would not have been able to easily find her a new owner and would have had to euthanize her.

 So she came to my home. I quickly realized that she was a feisty little girl. She does not like other dogs and will bark and chase my cats, but also very sweet loving and cuddly with me and my children.

 It’s more difficult to adopt out a black dog especially an older one with cataracts and some socialization issues. She will always be safe and loved in my home, but I would love to see her in home with no other pets and where she could spend all day with her owner being loved,
petted and spoiled.

Well I think it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed with her… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be either, especially with a face like this: 

Interested in taking Peaches home and making her a part of your family? Please contact andreaforanimals@gmail.com or for an online application visit AliveRescue.org. Alive Rescue has agreed to do the paperwork and necessary safety checks while her adoption fee of $150 will go to back to Alive Rescue.

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