Why Does a Dog Eat Grass?

A Dog is Not a Cow

Ever wonder why your dog eats grass? Dog food certainly doesn’t taste good to us, but it can’t be THAT bad, right? There are several theories out there, and most are wrong. Most people think dogs eat grass to make themselves sick, when in fact the dogs are most likely already ill.

Studies have been executed to try and link grass easting with illness, vitamin or mineral deficiencies and lack of roughage in the diet, none of which found any significant evidence. If you see dogs only eating grass from certain areas, this could be because it might taste better or have higher mineral deposits. Other ideas include that these are areas where other dogs have scented, or other animals have urinated.

But, fear not. Routinely eating small amounts of grass will not hurt your dog, and is perfectly normal. You should only worry when your dog eats lots of grass. It’s not easily digestible and there is a danger if vomiting occurs; pieces of grass can be deposited in the nasal cavity, which can lead to infection.

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