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10 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes

When did this industry start booming? According to reports, American’s are expected to spend $370 million on pet costumes for Halloween this year up $70 million from last year. Of course there’s still those out there willing to fork out the cash for their furry friends, assuring that they’re best dressed on the block.

Oddly enough, Americans will spend barley three times more on costumes for their kids than they will for the pets. In total, the pet costume industry is up a huge 40% from 2010. So in hopes of saving you some money (and putting more towards your kid’s Halloween costumes), we’ve collected a few of our favorites that we’ve come across – all of which are simple, cheap and could even be handmade.

This might be the cutest bumble bee we’ve ever seen…

Although this one isn’t handmade, we just had to share it – it’s too incredible not to…

Do you have any favorites?

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