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Top 10 Funniest Pet Videos of 2012

Aside from promoting the use of video for marketing your product we’ve managed to compile a few of our favorite and funniest pet videos from the past year.

1. Meet Barkley and his new boots:

2. Met this poor guy who’s scared of the Mario jump:

3. Just because the Call Me Maybe song got old doesn’t mean that Corgis did:

4. German Shepherd knows he’s done bad, sends himself to his room:

5. Kitten vs Lab, the kitten is relentless!

6. A Kid, a dog and a puddle… best friends:

7. Great compilation, ever wonder what your friends are dreaming of?

8. Lovely dogs saying their prayers before their meal:

9. For those of you who have not met Maru, here’s your chance. 1:16 mark is great!

10. Someone just can’t get enough of what this lemon has to offer:

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