Telling Your Brand’s Story With a Video

How often do you find yourself talking with friends or colleagues about a great banner ad you saw earlier in the day? It doesn’t happen… For what reason do you share any type of content that you come across online? Because it’s stimulating…

Videos get shared because they tend to engage on another level than most ads and they have a connection with the viewer, regardless of whether it was intentional or not. It’s every brand’s dream to have a video go viral when in actuality it’s the random, humorous and awkward ones that garner the thousands of views and get shared hundreds of times. The ability to truly connect with someone on the other side of the screen is ultimately what causes the user to feel like it’s share worthy. If you’ve got a product and a storyline that you think resonates well with your customers, there’s no better way to get that story across than using a visual like video.

What Makes Video So Important?

  • YouTube videos are shown and ranked highly in Google Search results (with the right SEO optimization)!
  • Video is a great way to share your expertise and give your brand the credibility it deserves.
  • Video is easier to consume and often more memorable than written content.
  • Mobile is growing at an incredible rate and YouTube videos allow consumers to retain information while on the go.
  • Video is an awesome way to humanize and show an authentic side of your brand and/or products.
  • There’s no better way to highlight your product, demonstrate how it works and how it differentiates from your competitors than using video itself.
  • Visual stories of animations and motion graphics have continued to gain popularity. They can be very entertaining and another great way to connect with your audience in a friendly manner.
  • YouTube videos are extremely easy to share and embed within your company’s site or blog.


Originally infographic from Kentinco, CMS

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