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Best Sources for Lead Generation

The following are some of the best and inexpensive sources of lead generation. A lead is more than just a name and an email, it’s seeking out someone who is actively interested in the the product or service you have to offer. Focusing in on some of these methods will help you capture more sales-ready opportunities for your sales team to turn into new business and eventually increased revenues.

1. Your Website:  Perhaps the easiest way to get leads is through your own website, it’s not too time consuming and there’s no need to constantly update it as long as it has all the essentials.

  • Always, always make sure you have a visible contact number or email on your site.
  • If you’re capturing leads through a newsletter subscription then make sure you have sign-up forms on every page of your site.
  • With forms, it’s almost always best to ask for as little information up front from the customer as possible. Too many requests can often deter the customer and cause them to bounce right away. If you’re unsure about what information to collect, try a split test (1) requesting name and email only and (2) requesting name, email, phone, industry, company, job title, insight into their marketing goals, etc – see which one works best for you and garners the most sign-ups.
  • Adding photos or testimonials to your site is always a plus as it helps to add a greater sense of authenticity and credibility.

2. Networking Events:

  • Make sure you’ve perfected your elevator pitch! The last thing you want to do is ramble on for 10 minutes about how important your company is and how greatly it would benefit this person you’re speaking with. Have something ready that’s quick, concise and to the point.
  • Use names, one of the greatest compliments you can give someone is remembering and addressing them by their name. It’s a sign of respect and it’ll gain you respect in return.
  • If you can’t solve all the challenges and obstacles of what this person is looking for, let them know you’d be happy to make a connection to someone who will.
  • Networking events are great for building a sense of authenticity into your brand. Knowing the business owner or the voice on the other end of a future phone call helps put the customer at ease and makes them more comfortable.
  • Don’t go to networking events immediately seeking out the people who you think could use your service. Help those that may not be able to help you and get to know the ones you’ve met in the past, even better.
  • Map out a follow up process!

3. Social Media Engagement: Using social media for lead generation can be fun and easy but extremely time-consuming.

  • It’s important to do the necessary market research to figure out where the majority of your audience spends their time. You don’t want to be wasting precious hours on LinkedIn if most of your customers are hanging out on Twitter all day.
  • Creating a blog is a great way to get conversations started and keep them going (it’s also a great way to get traffic back to your site where they could potentially see those newsletter sign-up forms!).
  • The power of promotion is huge! Any content you’re creating whether it’s on your blog, an infographic, or video, etc it is incredibly important to promote 100% of them through your social media channels. And don’t limit it to promoting just once. Hootsuite is great for setting up scheduled posts, you can set up a 2 week old blog post to go out a few times next month.
  • Social media makes it so easy for us to take our “offline skills” and put them to use to develop and foster complex relationships online. Throughout your conversations always be genuine, always be of help and make sure all responses are prompt and thorough.

4. Trade Shows:

  • Prior to a trade show it’s a good idea to send an email or invite to pre-registered attendees or those who attended the previous year.
  • Instead of wasting time and money and handing out swag bags filled with logo pens and other trinkets to the masses, take a minute to just engage and converse with all those passing by. If you do plan to spend money on promotional items, do something out of the ordinary! USB drives and magnets are too generic, you’ll just blend in with the other 500 brands out there.
  • If your industry is data driven, make sure those important factors are advertised at your booth. For example, being a video marketing company like Chicago Pet Video, we want our audience to know important facts; 42% of business executives have made a purchasing decision based on an online video and 60% of execs will watch a video, before they ever read the text on the screen. These are facts that will help generate interest in how we can better help consumers with their potential needs.
  • Once you’ve generated a list (or collected information) of visitors, don’t wait weeks to follow-up. Create a meaningful follow-up piece of content that you can send in an email, something that’s targeted toward them rather than just using a typical sales pitch template.

5. Referrals From Current Clients: Referrals can be the easiest and most powerful way to expand your business as long as they’re done correctly.

  • Referrals are a great head start for your sales team but it’s still important to build the relationship and work through the sales cycle from start to finish just as you would any other situation.
  • If you over-deliver, have great customer service and offer a product that already WOWs your current customers, it’s possible that they’re already out there selling for you. They will be some of the most genuine and hardest working sales-staff you’ll ever have.
  • It doesn’t hurt to create a mutually beneficial arrangement where you give the referrer some kind of valuable reward, it lets them know they’re appreciated. When deciding on a reward make sure it’s significant. Determine the value of a sales lead and how much it typically costs you to convert a new customer and base your referral reward around this.
  • Add a “refer a friend” link to emails, websites and newsletters. Make it as easy as possible for people to tell their friends about your product or service.
  • Just remember if you’re taking care of your current customers, making them feel special and delivering amazing results, your outlook for getting referrals is going to be good. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask!

If you lead, the rest will follow.

What sources of lead generation do you use most with your product or service? Have you eliminated any specific sources or focused more heavily on some versus others? Tell us your story!

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A Cure For Your Monday Morning Blues

Somewhere out there, some puppy’s got it worse than you.

bad dog

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The Rise of Social Video Marketing

According to multiple sources, we can summarize and define Social Video Marketing as a way to increase audience engagement around a video through social activity. A successful video marketing campaign leverages a deeper, more contextual relationship between the brand and the consumer, who may chose to pass along the content because of a vested interest or a sense of trust that they feel has been reached. Social media outlets just help to perpetuate the flow and direction of the message.

Let’s do a little comparing and differentiating between Video Advertising and Social Video Marketing. Social Video Marketing should aim at creating a one-to-one or one-to-many conversation with consumers versus Video Advertising, which moves in more of a one-way trajectory path – no conversation happens back and forth between the end user and the brand.

Video Advertising is meant to increase sales in a more direct way. Whether it be the launch of a new product, service or special offer there is usually a call to action encouraging the customer to consider and/or make a decision that results in a sale for the company. In contrast, when we hear the term Social Video Marketing we usually think of something a little less direct and invasive. It’s more concerned with a video that creates general brand awareness and product engagement with its viewers. The call to action tends to be presented in a less aggressive but more influential way.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 11.13.39 PM

Video Advertising tends to lack the creative side which is what often times makes a video worth sharing. On the other hand we could say Social Video Marketing focuses in on creating entertaining, engaging, educational and informational videos in hopes that they’ll be passed on voluntarily from one potential consumer to another. Of course every brand’s dream is to connect enough with their audience that it will kick their video into a viral state, unfortunately it’s not that easy.

However, ‘shareability’ is not always the key to success. If a main reason for video marketing is to increase brand awareness and engagement it doesn’t necessarily have to be shared in order to achieve those results. For example, an educational video may be more apt to convince a customer to purchase one product versus another and if it works, so be it, there may not be a reason to share it with others. The customer got the information they needed out of the video in order to make their final purchasing decision. There’s no denying that many of the concepts of Social Video Marketing and Video Advertising overlap but often times it’s the ultimate goal(s) and budget of each that differentiate the two.

Chicago Pet Video focuses on developing content and creating a video with our clients that helps them tell an engaging story about their brand. We believe it’s essential to reach customers using social media and to share with them an influential video rather than just hammering them with another branded advertisement.

We are the ONLY company that specializes in video marketing focused exclusively on serving the pet business community. We pride ourselves on being one of the early pioneers of this form of social video marketing that is truly unique, authentic and not quite 100% understood or utilized by even the leading marketers or videographers.

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

This guy’s week isn’t off to a great startMonday7

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Pinterest for Your Brand

Trying to decide if Pinterest is right for you business? Check out some of the recent statistics behind the site’s success and maybe you’ll have a better idea of what all the hype is about this past year. The social platform is still gaining speed, so don’t worry you’re not too late on your arrival if you haven’t started.Infographic

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Someone’s not getting off easy this time…monday6

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Some great dog training reminders…


There are lots of benefits to training your dog. Your dog can learn to behave better and you can learn to improve the way you treat him or her. The information in this article can aid you in understanding the advantages of training a dog and how you can enjoy dog training sessions that are positive experiences. This is an activity that you and your dog can both enjoy.

Use the same hand signal or voice command to get your dog’s attention. Start each command by calling the dog’s name. You can get their attention by doing this and then use the command. Usually, dogs quickly respond when you can their name and are aware you want to grab their attention.

Don’t play tug of war with your puppy. These, along with chasing and wresting, can encourage them to bite your hands. This behavior is very difficult to break, so…

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Just when you think you’re struggling with a bad hair day on this Monday morning…


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