Pinterest for Your Brand

Trying to decide if Pinterest is right for you business? Check out some of the recent statistics behind the site’s success and maybe you’ll have a better idea of what all the hype is about this past year. The social platform is still gaining speed, so don’t worry you’re not too late on your arrival if you haven’t started.Infographic

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest for Your Brand

  1. kelseahanks says:

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    Convincing the value of social media to execs can be difficult. Pinterest is probably the hardest. If you’re in fashion, DIY, or food, it’s a no-brainer. But what about banks? Does it make sense to go some place without a defined target?

  2. You bring up a good point Kelsea. If you’ve done some good market research and realize your audience isn’t there, then it may not be worth spending too much time coming up with new strategies promoting your brand on Pinterest. However, there are some “boring” brands out there that are doing an exceptional job on other social media sites besides Facebook and Twitter (this Hubspot blog mentions how Healthcare and Insurance companies are making the most of Pinterest, it’s pretty interesting)!

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