The Rise of Social Video Marketing

According to multiple sources, we can summarize and define Social Video Marketing as a way to increase audience engagement around a video through social activity. A successful video marketing campaign leverages a deeper, more contextual relationship between the brand and the consumer, who may chose to pass along the content because of a vested interest or a sense of trust that they feel has been reached. Social media outlets just help to perpetuate the flow and direction of the message.

Let’s do a little comparing and differentiating between Video Advertising and Social Video Marketing. Social Video Marketing should aim at creating a one-to-one or one-to-many conversation with consumers versus Video Advertising, which moves in more of a one-way trajectory path – no conversation happens back and forth between the end user and the brand.

Video Advertising is meant to increase sales in a more direct way. Whether it be the launch of a new product, service or special offer there is usually a call to action encouraging the customer to consider and/or make a decision that results in a sale for the company. In contrast, when we hear the term Social Video Marketing we usually think of something a little less direct and invasive. It’s more concerned with a video that creates general brand awareness and product engagement with its viewers. The call to action tends to be presented in a less aggressive but more influential way.

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Video Advertising tends to lack the creative side which is what often times makes a video worth sharing. On the other hand we could say Social Video Marketing focuses in on creating entertaining, engaging, educational and informational videos in hopes that they’ll be passed on voluntarily from one potential consumer to another. Of course every brand’s dream is to connect enough with their audience that it will kick their video into a viral state, unfortunately it’s not that easy.

However, ‘shareability’ is not always the key to success. If a main reason for video marketing is to increase brand awareness and engagement it doesn’t necessarily have to be shared in order to achieve those results. For example, an educational video may be more apt to convince a customer to purchase one product versus another and if it works, so be it, there may not be a reason to share it with others. The customer got the information they needed out of the video in order to make their final purchasing decision. There’s no denying that many of the concepts of Social Video Marketing and Video Advertising overlap but often times it’s the ultimate goal(s) and budget of each that differentiate the two.

Chicago Pet Video focuses on developing content and creating a video with our clients that helps them tell an engaging story about their brand. We believe it’s essential to reach customers using social media and to share with them an influential video rather than just hammering them with another branded advertisement.

We are the ONLY company that specializes in video marketing focused exclusively on serving the pet business community. We pride ourselves on being one of the early pioneers of this form of social video marketing that is truly unique, authentic and not quite 100% understood or utilized by even the leading marketers or videographers.

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