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CPV meets Bryan Bickell, Founder of Chicago Loves Pits

What an honor to sit down with Bryan Bickell, one of the Blackhawks most highlighted players during the Stanley Cup playoffs for an interview with Chicago Pet Video. Despite being wrapped up in this heated series of games, registering eight goals and five assists for 13 points in 17 of the playoff games, the 27-year-old and his fiancee were happy to talk about their charity group Chicago Loves Pits and the so-called “bully breed” dogs. The video (to come) is part of a series of videos that we’re putting together on different popular dog breeds, this one specifically focusing on the pit bull breed, one that’s especially close to Bickell’s heart. The video will be available on PetMD’s website along with a second video with our very special interview with the two.

Bryan Bickell & Fiancee Amanda

Founded by Bickell, his fiancee Amanda Caskenette and animal advocated Alicia Boemi, Chicago Loves Pits is dedicated to promoting awareness, starting conversations, sharing the truth, and opening minds and hearts to encourage rescue and adoption of Pit Bull type dogs. With the help of, Chicago Loves Pits was an idea that turned into a reality. In 2012 Chicago Loves Pits launched its first campaign featuring two billboards located in prominent areas of Chicago that bore the headline: Bryan Bickell is the only fighter in this family. From there, Chicago Loves Pits has grown into a registered non-profit organization.

Thank you to Bryan and his fiancee, Amanda for taking the time out of one of your busiest weeks of the year to show your dedication and passion for such an important four-legged friend of yours.

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A Cure For Your Monday Morning Blues

Somewhere out there, some puppy’s got it worse than you.

bad dog

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

This guy’s week isn’t off to a great startMonday7

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Someone’s not getting off easy this time…monday6

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A Cure For Your Monday Morning Blues

Monday’s are the worst, especially when you ruin someone else’s Monday…monday4

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A Cure For Your Monday Morning Blues

Just when you think you’ve got it bad…Monday3

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Somewhere out there someone’s a little worse off than you this morning… Monday2

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

There’s someone out there who’s got it a little worse than you this morning…Monday1

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Top 10 Funniest Pet Videos of 2012

Aside from promoting the use of video for marketing your product we’ve managed to compile a few of our favorite and funniest pet videos from the past year.

1. Meet Barkley and his new boots:

2. Met this poor guy who’s scared of the Mario jump:

3. Just because the Call Me Maybe song got old doesn’t mean that Corgis did:

4. German Shepherd knows he’s done bad, sends himself to his room:

5. Kitten vs Lab, the kitten is relentless!

6. A Kid, a dog and a puddle… best friends:

7. Great compilation, ever wonder what your friends are dreaming of?

8. Lovely dogs saying their prayers before their meal:

9. For those of you who have not met Maru, here’s your chance. 1:16 mark is great!

10. Someone just can’t get enough of what this lemon has to offer:

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