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When Does A Business Go Beyond The ‘Start Up’ Title?

As Chicago Pet Video is now entering the end of year two in business, I’m starting to think about how to classify ourselves. We’ve seen significant growth in the level of clientele we serve and larger business accounts, as well as more complex, and ultimately more rewarding work. However, I often still use the term ‘start up’ business when referring to our company.

Murray and Lizzie

What exactly does the term ‘start up’ mean, really? I use it to explain the fact that 2 of my employees still sit at a large table in lieu of us purchasing them desks – after all, we can’t spend all this money on fancy furniture, I need to make sure the business stays profitable. Also, I use it explain away the fact that pets run rampant in the office and it’s okay, it’s usually extras we’re using on a shoot, and a part of our culture. And I use the term ‘start up’ as it kind of just sounds cooler somehow, like I turned my back on corporate America and chose this as a way of life.

But this all begs the question, how much longer can we continue to call our business a start-up? Is it a certain sales point? A certain number of clients? Number of employees? When we get the fancy coffee in the kitchen instead of the cheap stuff?


I’d like to think that we can consider being a start up as a state of mind – staying lean, focusing on the basics – which is producing great work and keeping our clients happy. As we outgrow this new phase and enter our adolescence, I want to keep those values strong and continue to push boundaries with our creative video campaigns and technology – Total Pet Expo TV was a success we’re super proud of! We really want to be the premiere video production company that specializes in working with animals and animal-related businesses which means we may have to start accepting some responsibility which comes with being a company that sticks around past the start up phase, like offering health insurance, increasing educational opportunities, and allowing ourselves to take a vacation periodically. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and talented people that help ensure our high quality work every day, now it’s time to relinquish control, at least a little, so I can start to focus on continuing our growth and future success.

-Andrea Fischetti, Managing Director of Chicago Pet Video

Andrea Working

Have a question? email us at info@chicagopetvideo.com

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Meet Kayla, our Client Service Associate… aka our Cat Expert

Hey guys, meet Kayla. Kayla is one of Chicago Pet Video’s newest employees where she heads up our client services and relations. As the “resident cat expert,” she’s clearly a huge cat lover and we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to her very own, Jaspurr.

Pet’s name and age: Jaspurr, 3 years old

Breed: Domestic Short Haired Tabby

Three words to describe your pet: Curious, clingy, funny

What stood out to you when picking them from the liter? He was a rescue, and when I picked him up, he started eating my hair, so I knew he was super friendly. He also had an adorable heart shaped nose.


Most unique trait: His heart shaped nose, that had to be operated on, so now he has a crooked heart shaped nose; he also likes to sleep on his back and loves to get his nails trimmed

Ideal day (activities): sleep, play wrestle with his little sister, Ginny, have a human watch him eat, climb in and out of boxes, chew on cardboard, watch the world from a window seat, and play in his tunnel

Biggest guilty pleasure: eating popcorn

Worst habit: waking people up in the morning by pawing at and chewing on paper

Best trick: he knows “sit” and he has a sweet jump!

Favorite outfit: His Illini jersey, of course

All time favorite thing about your pet: He always sleeps cuddled up next to me, and he greets me when I come home!


Quite the perfect pair!

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