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When Does A Business Go Beyond The ‘Start Up’ Title?

As Chicago Pet Video is now entering the end of year two in business, I’m starting to think about how to classify ourselves. We’ve seen significant growth in the level of clientele we serve and larger business accounts, as well as more complex, and ultimately more rewarding work. However, I often still use the term ‘start up’ business when referring to our company.

Murray and Lizzie

What exactly does the term ‘start up’ mean, really? I use it to explain the fact that 2 of my employees still sit at a large table in lieu of us purchasing them desks – after all, we can’t spend all this money on fancy furniture, I need to make sure the business stays profitable. Also, I use it explain away the fact that pets run rampant in the office and it’s okay, it’s usually extras we’re using on a shoot, and a part of our culture. And I use the term ‘start up’ as it kind of just sounds cooler somehow, like I turned my back on corporate America and chose this as a way of life.

But this all begs the question, how much longer can we continue to call our business a start-up? Is it a certain sales point? A certain number of clients? Number of employees? When we get the fancy coffee in the kitchen instead of the cheap stuff?


I’d like to think that we can consider being a start up as a state of mind – staying lean, focusing on the basics – which is producing great work and keeping our clients happy. As we outgrow this new phase and enter our adolescence, I want to keep those values strong and continue to push boundaries with our creative video campaigns and technology – Total Pet Expo TV was a success we’re super proud of! We really want to be the premiere video production company that specializes in working with animals and animal-related businesses which means we may have to start accepting some responsibility which comes with being a company that sticks around past the start up phase, like offering health insurance, increasing educational opportunities, and allowing ourselves to take a vacation periodically. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and talented people that help ensure our high quality work every day, now it’s time to relinquish control, at least a little, so I can start to focus on continuing our growth and future success.

-Andrea Fischetti, Managing Director of Chicago Pet Video

Andrea Working

Have a question? email us at info@chicagopetvideo.com

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CPV meets Bryan Bickell, Founder of Chicago Loves Pits

What an honor to sit down with Bryan Bickell, one of the Blackhawks most highlighted players during the Stanley Cup playoffs for an interview with Chicago Pet Video. Despite being wrapped up in this heated series of games, registering eight goals and five assists for 13 points in 17 of the playoff games, the 27-year-old and his fiancee were happy to talk about their charity group Chicago Loves Pits and the so-called “bully breed” dogs. The video (to come) is part of a series of videos that we’re putting together on different popular dog breeds, this one specifically focusing on the pit bull breed, one that’s especially close to Bickell’s heart. The video will be available on PetMD’s website along with a second video with our very special interview with the two.

Bryan Bickell & Fiancee Amanda

Founded by Bickell, his fiancee Amanda Caskenette and animal advocated Alicia Boemi, Chicago Loves Pits is dedicated to promoting awareness, starting conversations, sharing the truth, and opening minds and hearts to encourage rescue and adoption of Pit Bull type dogs. With the help of Adopt-a-Pet.com, Chicago Loves Pits was an idea that turned into a reality. In 2012 Chicago Loves Pits launched its first campaign featuring two billboards located in prominent areas of Chicago that bore the headline: Bryan Bickell is the only fighter in this family. From there, Chicago Loves Pits has grown into a registered non-profit organization.

Thank you to Bryan and his fiancee, Amanda for taking the time out of one of your busiest weeks of the year to show your dedication and passion for such an important four-legged friend of yours.

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How to Get Your Press Release Noticed

Episode 3 of Your Pet Business video blog. Tips and Advice on How to Get Your Press Release noticed from Clay Jackson, Deputy News Editor of Pet Product News and Veterinary Practice News.

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Business Financial Advice for Pet Professionals

Episode 2 of Pet Professional Series Web Series, “Your Pet Business.”

Business finance questions answered by pet business expert, Jeff Eckerling, CEO of DoggyLoot. Also featuring Andrea Lain Keirn, owner and founder of Big Bark, as the featured new pet business. Host is Andrea Fischetti from Chicago Pet Video. For more information and other episodes, visit: http://www.chicagopetvideo.com

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Your Pet Business Episode 1: Sales Tips

Episode 1 of Pet Professional Series Web Show, “Your Pet Business.” Sales questions answered by pet industry sales expert, Stephanie Bell, from Blackwood Pet Food. Also featuring Melissa Ramirez, owner and founder of Zerimax, as the featured new pet business. Host is Andrea Fischetti from Chicago Pet Video. For more information, visit: http://www.chicagopetvideo.com

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

This guy’s week isn’t off to a great startMonday7

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Someone’s not getting off easy this time…monday6

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A Cure for Your Monday Morning Blues

Just when you think you’re struggling with a bad hair day on this Monday morning…


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Dogs in the Workforce

The term “working like a dog” takes on a whole new meaning if you work at a company that lets you bring your pooch with you to the office. According to the The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA), nearly 1 in 5 American companies allow pets in the workplace which equates to nearly 1.4 million people bringing their pup to work with them every day. Several studies have found that having a pet in the office can lead to better workplace environments and more trust between co-workers. Many companies don’t allow dogs for numerous reasons (allergies, landlord rules, liability reasons, etc.) but it does seem like bringing your pooch to work is a growing trend. Sorry, friends of felines; unless your office is in your home, the chances of bringing your kitty to work are very slim. Check out some of the offices that allow our four-legged friends free roam in the office:


Straight out of their code of conduct, “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.” Unfortunately they feel as though the Google offices would be too much stress on cats, so they claim they’re strictly a dog company.


10Yetis: PR Agency:

Hugo, owned by the co-owners of the agency provides office entertainment nearly everyday. They say he’s an awesome icebreaker for new people coming into the office – did you ever think of having a dog in the office for that reason?


Designers Management Agency in Soho:

Lucy, their office pooch is extremely well behaved and peaceful but still acts as a great watch dog when the UPS delivery man comes bustling through the freight elevator doors. She looks like a piece of art, doesn’t she?


Build-A-Bear Workshop: 

The company’s love for animals goes beyond the shelves at Build-A-Bear. Employees who work at the World Bearquarters (headquarters) can bring the pups to work with them. Wonder if having the friendly guys in the office contribute to Build-A-Bear making Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for?

build a bear

Ben & Jerry’s:

Rambo was originally a stray in the neighborhood, his love of ice led him to the right home! Sean Greenwood, public relations spokesperson for the company describes what visitors may see when they visit the company, it’s not uncommon to see dogs roaming around the office space.


Bhava Communications:

Define Center of Attention: Meet Lucas. He makes friends with anyone entering the doors at Bhava Communications and clearly doesn’t have a problem sitting front and center on the desks of their employees.


Clif Bar & Company:

With the company’s heavy focus on environmentalism and spending time outdoors it’s no surprise pets are more than welcome in their office. Often times there may be as many as 20 dogs running around the Emeryville, CA office! Never a dull moment.

clif bar


At WellPet, the natural pet food and treats maker more than 30 dogs came to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day last year. They were all treated to professional doggy portraits, a grooming station and games.



It’s no coincidence that a Bissell (vacuum) is a necessity when you’ve got a house full of pets. The company has a special space inside their office called The Bissell Pet Spot with indoor kennels, a bathing station and an outdoor play area. Wonder if they test out their products in there after a week of dog play?


Last But Not Least:

Not sure where this one is, but anyone that can get their dog to take care of business while at the office is worthy of coming with them to work by all means.

For future reference, June 22nd is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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A Cure For Your Monday Morning Blues

Monday’s are the worst, especially when you ruin someone else’s Monday…monday4

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